ISA International Education Group’s (ISAIEG) mission is to be a provider of high-quality schools and education-related services across China and abroad. Our schools are part of a family of schools, interconnected through this shared goal.

The ISA Charitable Foundation was founded to provide the ISAIEG and wider community a platform to support those in need in Guangzhou and further afield. Our work includes  widening access to education, providing assistance to the elderly, protecting young people and children, promoting Chinese culture, and emergency response.

The ISA Charitable Foundation strives to make lasting, positive change through two major channels:

  • Financial and material support: we make donations to support our partner volunteer organisations, aiming to raise 200,000 RMB annually to contribute to various initiatives and groups.

  • Volunteering: we encourage members of our ISA community to assist in the wider community in hands-on activities, including fundraising events.

Inquire. Discover the wonders in the world

The ISA Charitable Foundation believes in the power of advocacy. Understanding problems is the first step to providing a solution to them. As such, we strongly push for awareness of community needs, cultivating social responsibility. We believe in unlocking human potential by bringing together passionate people, empowered by a joint cause.


Succeed. Strive to be the best that you can be

The ISA Charitable Foundation believes that privilege must be recognised and used to help others. We aim to establish strong links with various groups among the community in which our volunteers belong. Our work gives people the opportunity to realise how their actions and dedication to a cause can positively impact the greater community.


Act. Make a positive difference in the world

The ISA Charitable Foundation believes in making a lasting impact on people’s lives. Therefore, we commit to bringing all of our wider community’s energies together to change the world on behalf of others who cannot do it alone. We provide an avenue for individuals to be involved in service and volunteerism, to join a community of world-changers.

ISA Community Service Programme

The ISA community service programme aims to create a platform to encourage students to get involved in service and become aware of issues surrounding both the local and global community they live in on their path to becoming world citizens. Community awareness, service and reflection are three key components of the community service programme. To be aware of the community we are in, ISAIEG encourages students to develop their understanding of the world around them and make connections between what they study at school and how they can use their own skills to contribute to the community. Increasing their awareness of their community needs motivates students to be involved in community service activities, both individually and in groups. Reflection is essential to understand the impact of students’ contributions, encouraging greater awareness of the quality of their actions. Students write their thoughts and feelings in a journal to describe their community service engagements, reflecting on the implications of their work and any changes in their attitudes.


From the community service programme, students will further broaden their outlooks and learn skills to engage in and better their communities, share responsibility, show empathy, compassion, and respect. Additionally, they inquire and learn to think independently, demonstrating leadership and collaboration. Since the foundation of the ISA Charity Fund, ISA Tianhe has held charity fairs in conjunction with International Children’s Day, Sports day and the Winter Celebration every year. Some of our past activities have included a charity sale at our Winter Festival, charity music performances, and Wetland Initiative Activity. These activities have strengthened students’ understandings of how their actions and dedication can positively impact the greater community.

ISA Charity Fund

The ISA Charity Fund manages the money raised through a variety of sources. Included in recent fundraising has been:

  • 23,677 RMB from online donations

  • 100,000 RMB from donations by our ISA schools

  • 2,350 RMB from offline donations at fundraising events

Funds are co-managed by the Charity Fund and Guangzhou Charity Association. Established in 1994, the Guangzhou Charity Association is a leader of philanthropy in Guangzhou that acts as the main platform for participating in charities in the region. It is a non-profit social group composed of groups or individuals who are enthusiastic about giving back to the community.


These funds have been used for a variety of projects to support the Guangzhou community, seen below. For more information, please visit our “United for Charity” page.